Crossroads Community Church3 Prayers to Keep You From Following Your Heart Off a Cliff
3 Prayers to Keep You From Following Your Heart Off a Cliff

It's my Sophomore year in high school and I'm just sitting alone in my room one night.For some odd reason I come to the conclusion that right then and there...

I needed to pray for my future wife.

I realize now that interceding with the Lord about who I am going to marry at 13 probably wasn't the best use of my time, but hey can't fault a man for taking initiative. I kneel at my bed and say God I want a wife. Not just a wife, but one who (literally) is 5'7, her family is from a specific country (TMI), and she has to like cars.

Full of confidence, I fall back asleep and put the rest in the Lord's hands.

A month passes...

I'm walking in my old church about to leave and I see from the corner of my eye this girl. Our mutual friend ended up introducing us and it turned out that she was 5'7, from the same island i prayed about, and loved cars.

I was shocked. This was exactly what I prayed for, and better yet, she liked me and we ended up dating.Long story short, we broke up after a year. The "perfect" person for me? And we broke up?

Years later I realized what God was saying to me..."I let you follow your heart and I gave what your heart desired, but I want more for you." Years and years later, I am engaged to a wonderful girl I could never see my life without.

Luckily for me, the consequence of following my heart only ended in a breakup. Jeremiah 17:9 explains the nature of the heart and how it can lead us to all kinds of crazy things, "The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? We have all committed severe sins from following our hearts, but we don't have to stop there.

These 3 prayers will keep you from following your heart into the dark:

  1. God, replace my heart
  2. God, focus my heart
  3. God, break my heart

As Pastor Aaron went over this weekend, the first step to fixing our heart (like a bad engine in a car) is replacing it.
We can have a beautiful outside, good paint job, awesome tires, but if our engine is out of whack like Solomon says, "My heart took delight in all my labor....yet nothing was gained under the sun." It's not until we accept Jesus Christ into our lives, so he can completely destroy and replace our unsalvageable hearts.

Not to take anything away from my ex, she was a great person, but God had something else planned. He didn't just want me happy with what my heart thought I wanted, He wanted to replace it, focus it, and break it for what he desired for me.

If you have a similar story of how you followed your heart, but God rerouted you, please share it below in the comments.


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