Crossroads Community ChurchHow to Keep the "U" & "B" Out of Wisdom
How to Keep the "U" & "B" Out of Wisdom

Socrates once said, (I know I know its cliche to quote Socrates in a wisdom post) "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing."

This past weekend in Pastor Aaron's sermon titled "Wisdumb: Wise Up About Life", he explained a story  that perfectly proves Socrates' point. A few weeks ago he had to officiate a wedding in the afternoon for a couple. The wedding location was in Yorktown starting in the mid-afternoon.

Long story short...our very wise pastor had a slip of judgement and decided to attend his daughter's softball tournament 40+ miles away in Richmond several hours before the wedding. Now the part where Socrates grins occurs when Pastor Aaron solicited the advice of his wife and father. Both explained it was a bad idea, due to the importance of the couple's day, but he remained confident in his understanding that there would be plenty of time to spare.

Hours of traffic, almost running out of gas, and making it 4 minutes before the wedding started proved 2 key truths Pastor Aaron tied into his story; Wisdom must be pursued and Wisdom has a paycheck.

Pastor Aaron's Route

The Treacherous Route...Except the Whole Road was Probably Red

Whether you almost miss officiating a wedding and risk sending a bride into a frenzy or you make a decision that costs you it all due to neglecting God's guidance, being wise isn't natural to us. Proverbs 3:13 explains to us what it takes to obtain wisdom, "Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding.

Wisdom has to be sought after, earned, yearned, desired. And it shouldn't be a surprise because most things worth a lick of anything in this world must be pursued. Your beautiful bride didn't say I do because you sat around with BBQ stains on your shirt watching football. You don't gain a promotion from liking Facebook posts with your manager over your shoulder. Wisdom takes energy to obtain and it's all worth the hassle.

If you are ready to seek wisdom and understanding that only the God who blessed Solomon can give, Pastor Aaron challenges us to do two things:

  1. Stop Investing Time in Foolishness. (Yes, Snap Chatting 200 selfies a day falls under that)
  2. Invest Time in Seeking God's Word and Surround Yourself with Other Doing the Same

In Pastor Aaron's story, #1 was covered. His daughter's softball game holds tremendous value. He even gets number two completely on point  because he surrounded himself with wise people. But as he humbly admitted, its listening to wisdom that's the secret.

So yes, our ancient philosopher was right. Wisdom can be discovered once we realize we know nothing. But what he leaves out is True Wisdom can indeed be found in the God who gave us the ability to "know" in the first place.

Share in the comments how God recently took the U & B out of Wisdom in your life.




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