757 Church Culture

We all do our best to live out the following 7 habits in order to best accomplish our mission. 

Not Normal: we are not normal and want to be different and attractive to a lost world.

Replace Yourself: with a huge military influence in our church, we all want to work to replace ourselves, train up someone to fulfill our ministry place. Those that replace themselves continue to grow in responsibility.

Always Pray: we pray before, after and always. We stop and pray when someone asks for prayers, as well, we huddle often and pray before doing the work God has called us to do.

Make it Better: we believe and strive to make things better and not bigger. When we make things better people will demand that they get bigger.

Remain Openhanded: we always have our hands open to what God is asking of us.

Live Uncovered: we all are real about what’s under the carpet. We uncover it, allow God to heal it and then leverage it to help others who face similar struggles.

Tell Your One: we are always seeking to tell our one about the love of Jesus. We invest and invite!