January @ Crossroads…

Join us for thirty minutes for 30 days of Bible reading, journaling, prayer and fasting.  Each day you can follow along with us by using the link below to read scripture and pray.

January @ Crossroads…

Operation Gratitude’s goal is to forge the bond between Americans and their Military and First Responder heroes through volunteer projects, acts of gratitude, and meaningful engagements in communities nationwide. We will support this effort by writing letters of gratitude to Veterans, New Recruits and First Responders. We will also invite our church attenders to purchase Wish List items for Operation Gratitude care packages through their Amazon site. Every Operation Gratitude care package includes a bundle of letters from American people, thanking Troops, Veterans, New Recruits or Wounded Heroes and their Caregivers for their service to our country.  Letters, drawings and encouraging words are treasured by recipients. Drop your letters off at Crossroads at the mailbox by the Connect and Serve Wall.

January 5th-February 2nd

Church should be the last place where anyone stands alone!!! Our hearts were made for deep, authentic relationships and for community. Connect groups provide the kind of life-giving community that builds relationships that will last a lifetime! At Crossroads Community Church, connect groups are so important that they define a core strategy! To…connect with God and others! Enroll in a group today…and experience life change and community like NEVER BEFORE! Enroll by clicking the link below! Start the New Year off right…You won’t regret it!

Saturday, February 8th

At Crossroads Christian Counseling & Coaching, we hope to help individuals and families gain momentum. We realize that many of us feel broken and stuck at times. That’s why we will be offering intensive counseling & coaching events that focus on the things in all of our lives that lose traction, cause frustration, and weigh us down. We want you to know that you are not alone. We are here to give “hope for the road ahead!”  Join us February 8th as we focus on the area of Marriage Momentum. We will explore ways to gain momentum with your spouse that may seem small but can cause big change.  Don’t miss the main session from 10am-1pm at Crossroads (lunch and childcare provided) and then take advantage of a planned date night that evening (you will need to find your own childcare)! All of this is free, you just need to sign up. 

Before February 15th

We will serve with Chosen Children Ministries in Nicaragua from June 20 -27, 2020. On this trip team members will serve the families and children in the El Timal community,  share the Gospel door to door with Pastor Bill, coordinate the building of at least one house, and maybe a wedding! The cost for serving is approximately $1,800. Please submit your mission trip application for consideration to joining our team by February 15, 2020.

Sunday, March 1st

Crossroads will join thousands of people from our community at One City Marathon. We will be serving water, cheering on runners from around the World, and uniting with so many of our neighbors as we help host as “one city.”  

There will be NO services at our Yorktown Campus this Sunday. 

Every Month @ Crossroads…

Since April, 1966, there has been an open door for the homeless on the Peninsula. The provision of a bed with fresh linens, a shower and clean clothes, a hot meal, and a gospel ministry are all made without any charge to the recipient.

On the second Thursday of each month Crossroads serves at the Peninsula Rescue Mission. Come serve with us!