School Supplies for Newport News
With students starting the school year learning at home, families already financially stressed face significant challenges in helping their children learn and succeed. As we shift from learning in a classroom to online instruction, many families lack the resources to provide supplies traditionally provided in school.
A direct financial donation to the Newport News Education Foundation is the quickest and easiest way to help. All donated funds will be used to purchase school supplies with the greatest flexibility. You can specify the exact amount you want to donate and the school division can direct the supplies to the students and schools with the greatest need.
Crossroads wants to partner with Newport News Education Foundation to help purchase supply kits starting at $10. Here is what each kit includes: Backpacks, Crayons, colored Pencils, Washable markers, pencils, glue sticks, dry erase markers, Composition Notebooks, Spiral Notebooks, Safety scissors, 2-pocket folders, pencil pouch, index cards, loose leaf filler paper, printer paper, blue, black and red ink Pens, Highlighters, post-it notes, 3-ring Binders, Calculators, Flash Drives, Books for Children PreK through 12th grade, Art supplies, face masks, hand sanitizer, Disinfectant wipes, and tissues
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