Community Groups

Community Groups are a larger group based in the community where you live. Gatherings take place for fellowship & fun. Groups meet at various times throughout the year but mostly over the Summer in person. These groups are designed to offer people the opportunity to SERVE with and BELONG to a group right away and to begin to study the Bible with others. We are better together!

Connect Groups

Connect Groups are smaller groups that meet a a home around God’s Word. These Groups live life together, and seek to live out God’s Word throughout the week. These groups meet at different times and locations around the area.

Deeper Groups

Deeper Groups exist for those ready for deeper roots of faith to take hold. Deeper groups do require a deeper commitment of time and effort as well. These group utilize the Navigators 2:7 and other book studies directly from God’s Word.

Connect Groups

Alston Ladies’ Connect Group

Women of any age seeking connection around God’s Word. Tuesday @ 6:30pm in person.

Brown Connect Group

A multigenerational group designed for anyone 30’s and up looking for community around God’s Word. Wednesdays @ 6:30pm in person.

Chapman Women’s Connect Group

Women of any age who are looking for morning connection to God and others. Meets Monday 10:30am on Zoom.

Amber’s Ladies Connect Group

A group designed for ladies looking for connection around God’s Word. This group currently meets on Thursday evening at 6:30pm in person.

Matt’s Mens Connect Group

This group is for men of all ages to connect around God’s Word online. Currently meets on Thursday evenings.

Mike’s Mens Connect Group

If you are a man and ready to connect and grow, this is the group for you. Any age! Any season of life! Thursday @ 6:45am on Zoom

Myers Couples Connect Group

A group designed for those 50’s and up but open to all looking to connect around the Bible. Wednesday @ 6:30pm in person.

Titko Military Couples Connect Group

A connect group for those who are military affiliated. Singles and families welcome. Childcare available. Meal provided. Wednesdays @ 6pm in person.

Smith Connect Group

This is a mixed group where you can connect with others and grow in your faith. Currently meeting @ 6:30PM on Wednesday Evenings in the Grafton Area.

Sexton/Duncan Connect Group

This group consists of young marrieds and young families. We usually meet any day between Thursday and Saturday based off our our group members needs. Time varies on Thursday- Saturday in person and on Zoom.

18-25 Young Adult Group

Are you a young adult aged roughly 18-25 looking for connection with others around God’s Word? This group is currently meeting at Crossroads on Thursday evening at 8:00pm for Bible study and fellowship; as well as monthly for a night of worship.

West Couples Connect Group

This group exists for couples of any age with teenage or older kids that would like to have fellowship and study God’s Word in a relaxed setting. Tuesdays @ 6pm in person.

Woodruff Ladies Group

A group designed for women 50’s and up but open to all looking to connect around God’s Word. Currently Meeting @ 6:30pm Wednesdays Zoom.

Deeper Groups

START 2:7 Co-Ed Deeper Group

A introduction to 2:7 Deeper Groups as well as a Connect Group around God’s Word. Great for anyone looking to go Deeper and find community as well.

Strack Deeper Group

Not Currently Meeting

Mens Deeper Group

This Men’s group meets Tuesdays at 6am and will use the 2:7 Navigators Study to deepen relationships with God and each other while building spiritual disciplines.

McCoy Couples Deeper Group

This group meets on Wednesday Evenings at 6:30pm in a home. This group focuses on walking through books of the Bible with purpose and intention.