Crossroads is FOR Nicaragua

Join us at the 5th Annual Run for Nicaragua 5K on May 11, 2024 – click the link below for more details.


Crossroads is FOR the country of Nicaragua. For years now, we have loved the people of Nicaragua through child sponsorships, feeding the hungry, digging wells, building homes and training up pastors and planting churches.

We partner with a great organization called Chosen Children Ministries.

CCM serves in dozens of barrio communities near the cities of Managua and Leon, Nicaragua. These barrio’s are typically located in rural areas where the average income is less than $2/day. The unemployment rate is often more than 80%. They live in homes made of plastic, cardboard, corrugated tin and use bed sheets to divide their home into small rooms for up to 15 family members who live in the home. Almost all have dirt floors and are open to the elements. Poverty is more than a dirt floor, or a tin home with no food.

The deepest poverty is a heart without Christ. Our goal is to partner with communities to break the chains of multi-generational physical, emotional, and spiritual poverty.