Our vision is to start where people are and see them connect with God.

What is the 757 Culture of Crossroads?
7 Habits, 5 Environments, 7 Days a Week

We live out the following 7 habits in order to best accomplish our mission statement.

Not Normal: we are not normal and want to be different and attractive to a lost world.

Replace Yourself: with a large military influence in our church, we all want to work to replace ourselves, train up someone to fulfill our ministry place. Those that replace themselves continue to grow in responsibility.

Always Pray: we pray before, after and always. We stop and pray when someone asks for prayers, as well, we huddle often and pray before doing the work God has called us to do.

Make it Better: we believe and strive to make things better and not bigger. When we make things better people will demand that they get bigger.

Remain Openhanded: we always have our hands open to what God is asking of us.

Live Uncovered: we all are real about what’s under the carpet. We uncover it, allow God to heal it and then leverage it to help others who face similar struggles.

Tell Your One: we are always seeking to tell our one about the love of Jesus. We invest and invite!

At Crossroads we believe in 3 vital relationships:

We want to see people connect with God.
We want to see people connect with others.
We want to see people connect others with God!

Crossroads Environments

We believe God uses many things to grow our faith. At Crossroads, we’ve identified 5 things God uses to grow our faith therefore we want to create and embrace these environments in all we do.

Practical Teaching: We don’t just want to inspire people, we want to help them live out their faith 7 days a week. Every teaching ministry of Crossroads focuses on practically helping people live out what they’ve learned. When we practically do what we’ve learned, our faith in God grows.

Private Disciplines: When we read our Bibles, pray, give, share our faith, etc., God grows our faith. It’s in these moments alone with God, when we exercise our faith, that we experience Him in new and powerful ways. At Crossroads, we give people tools to help them with their private disciplines.

Providential Relationships: Every faith story involves relationships. God often uses people to challenge us spiritually, live as an example to us or help us understand God’s love for us. At Crossroads, we create opportunities for providential relationships.

Personal Ministry: There is nothing better than stepping out in a ministry situation where you are in over your head. In those moments, God gives us strength and helps us because we’ve stepped out in faith. Faith stories often include times when we allow God to use us for His purposes therefore at Crossroads, we create environments for people to step out and be used by God in amazing ways.

Pivotal Circumstances: Our faith grows in the hard times. In these heartbreaking moments, we can either pivot towards God or away from Him. When we pivot towards Him, God grows our faith. At Crossroads, we are unable to create pivotal circumstances but we create environments where we can walk with people who are experiencing difficult and unimaginable circumstances.